WDW vacation plan - basic questions

Discussion in 'Disney Vacation Planning & Transportation' started by WestWind, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. WestWind

    WestWind Member

    I have never been to WDW but I go to Disneyland often.

    I have been thinking that maybe a trip to WDW is in order. ; I have a couple basic questions to start:

    How much time is recommended to see it all? ; I know the more time the better but is 1 week there enough? Is 10 days or 2 weeks needed?

    What is best for time of year for weather - I do not like humidity, I like dry.
  2. highland3

    highland3 Member

    I think you can easily do it in a week. ; I'm a firm believer in hitting a couple of parks per day, focussing on specific sections.

    A week also goves you lots of time to paln what you want to do on your next trip. ; ;)

    It sounds like a Februrary to May trip would be good for you.
  3. Sean&Karen

    Sean&Karen Guest

    I have gone to Disney like 14 times over the last couple of years and each time is 7 days or more and I have still not done everything at Disney...

    With that being said, i Would say a min amount would be 7 days. If i went back in time to my first trip and could afford it I would stay 10 days and on park for the added bonus.

    I hate heat, what i mean by that is 100 degree is not fun.. for me I like a 18 - 24 degree for that the best time is First two weeks in December then Jan, Feb, March, April and May ..
  4. weemcp

    weemcp Global Moderator Staff Member

    I am like sean - those are the perfect temps for me (especially when your out touring the parks)

    we have been at end of january and beginning of march and both were fine.

    I would say 7-10 days is a great amount of time if your staying onsite. ; It gives you lots of time to check it out, have a down day or 2 etc. ; As Sean said - you CAN"T see everything in 1 visit.
  5. realfam

    realfam Member

    We too have made MANY trips WDW , and my advice would be if you are going to storm the parks you wanna go in the off season begin dec., most of jan. ; Not to hot, small lines. ; If you love the heat, sept or october are excellent!!!!! ; Time wise, I'd say min 7 days, 10 days to give you some resting time in between parks.
    Funny how each family plans their days WDW. We rarely hop parks. ; If we do its for meals or shows. ; We do usually head into a park for rope drop, go back to our resort for luch and a swim/nap and then head back for the evening. ; Normally we pick parks that have extended hours for resort guests.

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