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Discussion in 'Disney Vacation Planning & Transportation' started by weemcp, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. weemcp

    weemcp Global Moderator Staff Member

    Where is it located? If we are staying at the contemporary is it walkable?
  2. John Frost

    John Frost Global Moderator Staff Member

    If you're staying at the Contemporary, you'll have to monorail it to the TTC. Goto the Lost and Found building and place a courtesy call. The Speedway will then send a shuttle to pick you up.

    I loved it. Got to drive really fast around a track that the pros use to train on. Just avoid those Ricky Bobby moments.
  3. mSummers

    mSummers Member

    Edit - John beat me to it.

    The Speedway is located at the south end of the TTC Parking lot, which would be a one mile walk from either the TTC or the Polynesian. John's recommendation of having them pick you up is the best option
  4. weemcp

    weemcp Global Moderator Staff Member

    We are going to be there for our anniversary, and I thought of surprising hubby - I think he would really enjoy it. I just wasn't sure how much time would have to be planned for it. Thanks!
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  5. Sean

    Sean Administrator Staff Member

    @weemcp Carlos did it a little while ago and I think he loved it. Even had a podcast with details. If you check with @Northernmouse he might be able to make some suggestions on what to do or expect. I think John has covered how to get there :)

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