Venice, Italy

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    Momma Sue and I took a trip last April to Italy. Our first stop was in Venice for 1.5 days. The weather was not the greatest, but the experience was amazing! I will be posting my photos here from those first few days.

    [​IMG]Grand Canal by John Wolff, on Flickr
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    We had to take a plane for 7 hours, a bus for an hour, a train for 2.5 hours to get to this vaporetto water taxi trip down the Grand Canal. You can see the Rialto Bridge in the back.

    [​IMG]The Grand Canal by John Wolff, on Flickr
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    Here is a shot that looks a little like Epcot. It was a blast walking around and snapping some pictures and grabbing a beer or two.

    [​IMG]Saint Marks by John Wolff, on Flickr
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    A beer? In Italy? WIth all of that fine Italian wine around? Well, why not.
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    Boy, that looks like you have to walk a lot, and there's all that water...why so spread out? Epcot's is can see it all and not have to walk so far.


    BTW - don't even complain about the weather - I'll take a gloomy or overcast or rainy April in Venice a million times before a perfect sunny summer day. Because the gloomy winter and spring months come with a few hundred people, and the summer months come with 25,000,000 people. Ugh!
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    LOL! Between my trip in April and then again in July I tried 69 (insert joke here) different beers, most of them Italian. I couldn't believe the variety.
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    Another view from our ride back to the train.

    [​IMG]Venice by John Wolff, on Flickr

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