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  1. Imaginerd

    Imaginerd Member

    Alright I know this is a photo site, but none the less we all have a love for Disney.

    Alright, this I'm sure will take me some time to do, but I want to do my own Disney TOP show. This is how I would like the show to be:
    It will be similar to the TOP 7 they have now.
    There will be a:
    TOP Attractions Show
    TOP Restaurants Show
    TOP Resorts Show
    TOP Shows Show
    TOP Place To Relax At The Parks Show
    TOP of the TOPS Show

    I know it sounds eh so so type of thing but I think it will be a fun and enjoying show. Not only will it be a Down the list thing but I will show you first person the ride (POV) Soundtrack/show/food etc. I will also talk to CMs that work at that attraction or such and do a small interview type thing. What I would like the show to turn out and be is a mix of the TOP Disney Show with Stacey, Behind The Scenes (Travel Channel Type), and a little Samantha Brown type show. I have some back up to greenlight the project so I hope to start this ASAP and have them rolling out this year. So my first show I would like to start is:
    Comment on your favorites. and anything else you think about this. Thanks!

  2. Tim

    Tim Administrator Staff Member

    in no particular order....

    haunted mansion
    mission space
    spaceship earth
    expedition everest
    great movie ride
    american adventure
    space mountain

    honorable mention... TMIP photo tours (seasonal attraction)
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  3. zackiedawg

    zackiedawg Member Staff Member

    Here's my breakdown of top 10 favorites - not in specific order:

    Haunted Mansion

    Pirates of the Caribbean

    Jungle Cruise

    Tomorrowland Transit Authority (former WEDway Peoplemover)

    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

    Kilimanjaro Safari

    Spaceship Earth

    Ellen's Energy Adventure

    Test Track

    Disney Transportation (especially the Monorail and the Seven Seas Lagoon boats from Wilderness Lodge, campground, and Contemporary)
  4. haunteddoc

    haunteddoc Member

    My top 10

    Haunted Mansion
    Rockin Roller Coaster
    Splash Mountain
    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
    Safari ride
    People mover - this could be #1 on hot days with tired kids (alias TTA)
  5. gary

    gary Member

    my personal top 10
    1. splash mountain, i don't care how cosby feels, song of the south is a great movie
    2. haunted mansion
    3. big thunder mountain railroad
    4. kilimanjaro safari
    5. country bears, any of the variations
    6. pirates of the caribbean, only this low on the list due to dl ride is better than wdw
    7. muppet vision 3d
    8. soarin
    9. maelstrom, love that detailed oil rig and one day i'll get a sharp photo
    10 tta, any place i can take a few minutes off my feet and not have along line to do it gets ,y vote, skyway would be here if it was still available, loved slowly cruising over the park, people watching
  6. Imaginerd

    Imaginerd Member

    Hey thanks guys for giving your thoughts, so far this is the line up.
  7. Dan

    Dan Member

    I demand that Spaceship Earth be included in the lineup!

    No.. seriously.. pick them as you will, I realize that SSE has gotten old for some, but it's definitely in my top ten. It's sort of a ghost of what Epcot used to be about, when I think back to going to Disney World as a kid I remember SSE and Journey into Imagination.. the original, of course. That and being terrified of the Haunted Mansion. I mean I knew that it was SUPPOSED to just be a ride.. but what if it wasn't? What if that room really had no doors and I was trapped in there forever?
    This may have something to do with Haunted Mansion being perhaps my favorite ride of all.

    It looks like you've got a good idea of what to do, I don't know if you need my whole list.. which is just as well, I can never come up with a firm top 10 list. After Haunted Mansion and Spaceship Earth everything else kind of gets jumbled together, basically my favorites are the more classic rides. And Mission Space, which is nearly a religious experience for me. For that one I also understand if it's not the favorite of the masses.. but for me you have to understand, I'm a space junkie and while Mission Space could have been a lot better in my opinion.. it's still an incredible experience, I rode it 13 times during one trip there.. last Mousefest I think I only managed 7, due to being a little pressed for time.

    I'm very interested in the idea of this top 10 show. I've been working on a Disney World video project of my own for ages.. basically I took two years worth of camcorder footage from a few trips, put them on my computer, and started working on editing it together into a sort of documentary concept. The problem has been refining the concept into a firm storyline, I started off defining my view of what "Disney magic" is, but I'm not sure exactly how to move smoothly from that idea on to other aspects of Disney World, my goal was to express what Disney World means to me, but it's a large, sort of nebulous concept that's been hard to nail down into a firm story sequence.
    Unfortunately since I've stalled so long Disney World has changed significantly since I first conceived the idea. I had a whole segment planned on The Living Seas, about how it was the last vestige of the old Epcot (aside from Spaceship Earth anyway), and then they turned it into a shrine to CG fish.
    So my project may never be completed.. but the point is I'm into this sort of thing. I'm a storyteller.. as you may have noticed by the verbosity of my posts. Give me a camcorder and I start trying to film documentaries.. of anything. I've been thinking about doing a documentary about my local zoo.. just for the heck of it, to see if I can make an entertaining educational video.

    I wish I could offer to help, but I doubt I have anything to offer since I live in Illinois.

    But please keep us posted. I'm interested in how this'll turn out now.. how you intend to distribute it, that sort of thing.
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