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    It's still not too late to buy tickets from vendors like Undercover Tourist (U. T.) but I would definitely purchase from U. T. within the next day or two.

    I'm not sure what the other ticket brokers have or whom they even are.
    I use U. T.

    *** This will not be the only ticket price increase this year. ***

    In the near future Disney will be implementing a SEASONAL, MULTI DAY pricing structure with increases for multi day tickets based on high crowd level seasons. Before, it was just single day park tickets that were subject to seasonal up-charges.

    These price increases are in anticipation of abating crowds generated by the Star Wars Land opening and possibly the Toy Story land opening.

    *** MULTIPLE price increases are expected this year so be advised. ***

    If you are purchasing Tickets in advance of these price increases, be advised that tickets being sold now come with an expiration date.

    I believe tickets purchased from existing inventory at prior pricing levels at ticket brokers or from Disney after this latest price increase, can be used up until 12 31 18 without incurring a price increase up-charge that would be in effect at the Park gate at a future date.

    This would mean that bridging, to allow for more days to be purchased for a a ticket that has been used to enter the park can only be exempt from further price increases that will happen this year until 12 31 18.

    I believe that the tickets purchased NOW have an expiration date of 12 31 18
    Gone are the days where you could purchase tickets in advance, without an expiration date, to hedge against price increases.

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