There Otter Be a Law!

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    Against being so cute, that is!

    This weekend I had an extended session with some very playful and silly river otters. I was the only person in the wetlands at the time, and the otters were playing up on the levee when I first approached. I stayed hidden behind some pushes and shot through the leaves, until they finally noticed me and plunged into the water. I then followed them for several hundred yards along the bank as they dove around snatching crawfish from the bottom, popping up to eat, and of course watching me. They played around a bit in the water (there were 3 of them) and finally swam off too far to follow.

    You can tell I'm staying hidden behind the bushes, shooting through the leaves:

    Once in the water, they'd dive down under, and come up with a crawfish (you can see the claw sticking out of the otter's mouth):

    Happy looking otter:

    Keeping an occasional eye on me:

    Here are the three of them, playing around and kissing:

    Swimming farther away from me - they'd disappear under the duckweed, then suddenly a head would pop up and look back my way:
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