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    Some of you might be old enough to remember the old TV game show called "The Dating Game." ; The contestant would ask quesions of three members of the opposite sex who were hidden from view. ; Based on their answers, the contestant would choose one and they would be sent on an all-expenses-paid date.

    The Citizens of Hollywood conduct their own version of the show on Sunset Boulevard, called "Hollywood's Most Eligible Bachelor" (or bachelorette, depending on the sex of the lucky victim guest).

    On a recent trip I observed the show, and obviously did my best to document it.

    On this day, there were three lovely bachelorettes vying for a chance to date a lucky guest:

    Aging silent film star Norma Desmond.

    Bachelorette number one

    The ever-vivacious Mimi Kaboom.

    Bachelorette number two

    And newcomer Betty Shambles.

    Bachelorette number three

    Wealthy producer Shelby Mayer was the master of ceremonies, with film historian Daley Reels providing technical support from the truck.

    Hollywood's Most Eligible Bachelor

    The lucky winner this day was Betty Shambles.

    And the lucky winner is...

    Seriously, this is a hilarious skit (as are most all of the CoH performances). ; It's interesting to note the CM turnover. ; They used to just create a new character when someone new joined the group (like Daley Reels, a fairly new Citizen), but the CMs playing Betty and Mimi are both different from the ones we saw at the last Pixelmania. ; (Over the years, I have taken shots of four different women wearing the green Mimi Kaboom dress.)

    Dorma Nesmond is a favorite of mine. ; She is a great character, is always ready to pose for a camera and takes a great interest in the results.
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    Awesome series Dennis! ; I took some time to watch some of a show last month when I had an hour or 2 in the Studios to myself.
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    Maybe they think people don't notice Ms. Kaboom's face? ; :D
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    Just keep telling yourself that everything in Hollywood is just costume trickery or some other sort of special effects, Scott.

    Seriously, through the whole skit she never looked right at my camera. ; A definite contrast to Dorma.

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