Sunset Seasons Greetings

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    As part of the Flurry of Fun at the Studios, Sunset Seasons Greetings is another projection and laser show featuring the Tower of Terror.

    Sunset Seasons Greetings
    by Scott Thomas, on Flickr

    Wanted to get the projections so I used a shutter speed of 1/60th of a second and let the Nikon D750 go wild with ISO. This photo is a bit grainy at full rez as Lightroom CC Classic did an okay job of the 11,400 ISO. Will use a more aggressive noise reduction tool if I decide to print this image.
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    It's a beauty! I like the projection shows...I admit I've given short shrift to DHS, skipping it in December and July trips, and only briefly walking through to see Toy Story land in September - spending all of 1 hour in the park that day. Looking forward to all the construction being over with so it's more enjoyable to go there again.

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