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Discussion in 'Digital Cameras & Equipment' started by BorisMD, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. BorisMD

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    Hi all,

    I'm thinking I would like a nice circular polarizing filter, and see one on Amazon for around $178. ; It's a B + W Kaesemann 77mm (that will fit on my 10-22 lens). ; I'm not sure what the Kaesemann means, other that it will thin my wallet faster. ; Anyway, I think I would then opt for a step down ring so that I could use this on my other lenses. ; Amazon has three step down rings that take a 77mm down to a 67mm. ; The price changes from about $15 to about $5. ; I know, you get what you pay for, or do you? ; I've never used a ring like that before, so don't really have anything to base a comparison on.

    Any thoughts?


  2. mSummers

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    I usually go with the "you get what you pay for" approach when buying equipment, but I'm not sure that applies to step rings. ; I would prefer a metal ring over a plastic one (if they even make them in plastic). ;
  3. Roger

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    My local camera store has generic metal rings.

    And I think you want a step up ring, not step down....

    KEH has a lot of step rings, used, cheap cheap

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