Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge - Oga's Cantina

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    This is my buddy R3X, the DJ in the cantina. His days working for Star Tours ended when he carshed on Batuu. Mubo at the Droid Factory reprogrammed him to be a DJ and he has been at Oga's ever since.

    [​IMG]DJ R3X by John Wolff, on Flickr

    This place has such a great Star Wars feel to it (with the exception of the WDW shopping bags). I made just 6 stops here in my 3 days a few weeks back and presently have 9 more reservations over the next 6 months. Helps that Amanda is in Tampa and we will be visiting her a few times.
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    I have now had all 4 beers available here in Oga's. My favoreite is the Gamorrean Ale, and having one at 6:45 am back on October 1 was awesome! The other unique beer to Galaxy's Edge is available at Ronto Roasters. It is called Trandoshan Ale, I need another shot at that one. The one I got a few weeks back was not that cold.

    [​IMG]Beer? by John Wolff, on Flickr
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    Gold Squadron Lager is also available at Docking Bay 7. It went well with the Smoked Kaadu Ribs.
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    I was not a fan of that one! The Bad Motivator IPA was average and I was not that big a fan of the White Wampa Ale.

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