Spending 7 Days @ WDW and staying off site! Any Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Disney Theme Park Discussion' started by Ty, Apr 28, 2006.

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    As you can see I am new here, I am planning to head down in Sept for 7 days and because the price is so good we will be staying off-site. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to maximize our time and be able to see the most of Disney and the surrounding area. The hotel is about 2 miles away from Disney and offers a free shuttle to each different park.

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    We stayed on-site, but the best suggestion I have - - get there for when the park opens. ; Hubby and I found that the line ups for things really did not start until about 11 am. ; So, the first 2 -3 hours we were there, it was really easy to do things (we are not ride people) BUT - if you are a ride person, I suggest taking advantage of the fast pass system.

    If you go to Animal Kingdom, and want to do the safari....I would suggest doing it as soon as you get there....and then enjoy the other attractions....
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    To maximize your time, I would pick a park a day and do it. ; But if you have a day or two in between to do other things, I would certainly plan that as well. ; You could take a break and go outside Disney to Sea World or Universal Studios. ;

    The second trip we were there we were glad that we had a few days in between to just relax. ; It is great to do the parks all in a row, but it is nice to relax.

    I would say though, that if you are staying off site, I would get up early and take the first shuttle. ; The shuttles we took always stopped at other hotels to pick up other passengers. ; By the time you get to Disney, that is like a half hour wasted. ;

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