Sony announces new 20mp APS-C sensor SLT, 3 A Mount lenses (minor NEX update)

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras & Equipment' started by Roger, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Roger

    Roger Member Staff Member

    This is the new generation of APS-C sensors from Sony that should be the ones in the new Nikon in the next few days. ; Supposedly it has an extra stop of dynamic range sensitivity.

    The new A58 has a new OLED VF, 8fps and a new AF system.

    The new lenses are a new 18-55 kit lens to go with it, a revised 70-400 G, and a Zeiss 50/1.4 autofocus.

    They also updated their entry level NEX (the 3 series). ; No new sensor, but it has a power zoom lever next to the shutter like a point and shoot. ; And it comes with the 16-50 PZ lens.

    The interesting news is that the rumors have started up that in a month the new NEX-7 will be announced along with at least the Zeiss e-mount zoom, with availability in May.
  2. HPS3

    HPS3 Member

    Hey Roger, Nikon isn't using Sony for their 20mp sensor. They went with a Toshiba sensor. I think thats why Sony just popped out a 20 mp sensor to compete. The Toshiba sensor is in the new D5200.

    (Ed. note... ; the D5200 is now available from this link)
  3. Roger

    Roger Member Staff Member

    Yeah I just saw the leaked Nikon press release about the D7100. It is using the same 24mp sensor.
  4. HPS3

    HPS3 Member

    Now is that the Sony 24mp sensor of the A77/Nex 7? Why did they go with Toshiba on the D5200 20mp sensor.

    When I had the Nex 7 and Nex 6 together, I liked the 6 better for the higher ISOs. I also had a hard time seeing the difference between the 2 in resolution.
  5. Roger

    Roger Member Staff Member

    Nikon has 24mp in the 5200 and 7100. No 20mp yet from them.
  6. Roger

    Roger Member Staff Member

    Also I think Nikon is unhappy that Sony shared the sensor with Pentax before and Pentax was able to get more from it. We'll have to see what the new NEX 7 brings
  7. HPS3

    HPS3 Member

    Hey Roger, right before my Mardi Gras WDW trip I sold the D600 I had and bought the Pentax K-5II. I was tired of the dust all over the sensor on the D600. I was cleaning it over and over. Nikon's quality control is terrible on the D600. Besides the dust my D600 would lock up whenever I would review pics on the lcd. I would have to push the shutter button to free it up.

    Anyway, I've owned the 16mp sensor in the D5100, Nex 5n and Nex 6. I can say that Pentax does work wonders with the sensor. I can't tell the difference between my D600 shots and the K-5II. If Pentax comes out with a FF it would be the best out there in terms of sensor performance.

    You notice that Nikon is missing the AA filter on the D7100. Is that because Pentax built the K-5IIs.

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