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Discussion in 'Epcot Photos' started by barrie, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. barrie

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    I realized I haven't posted many photos. If I don't post some more soon I am going to be too intimidated by all the beautiful shots I've been viewing. Here are some people shots I took on my last trip. Ilene is my inspiration - I just love her photos of different entertainers!

    The juggler in Italy

    This guy's name is Frank. If I have good shots of people I offer to email them to them.

    This is one of the Taiko drummers. It's not the best quality but I love her pose. Isn't she sweet?!

    Jasmine and Alladin

    This is Sarah and her daughter playing in the fountain at France. Having a camera is a great way to meet people!

    I haven't done anything to these photos - they are straight out of the camera - so I'm sure the quality could be better, but oh well. There just isn't enough time for everything!

  2. Tim

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    i can't remember what her name is but this woman is the artist who paints the ostrich eggs in germany....way way talented.

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  3. Tim

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    they look great barrie...esp straight outta the camera. thanks for sharing.
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  4. ilene

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    Why, thank you, barrie! You've just made my day ... no, make that my year!
    Great shots, by the way. I love the expression on the little girl's face in the last photo.
  5. Scott

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    Hey Barrie - the guy you call "Frank", sure looks a lot like William Shatner. Did he beam himself anywhere on that day? Good people shots!

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