SIGN UP for ~alternate~ Dinner on Thurs.12/3/15 @ San Angel Inn

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  1. This is an alternate dinner for people not going to Universal on this day with the rest of the Pixelmania gang.

    Meet (some) of us at San Angel Inn in Mexico at Epcot at 5:00pm for dinner and fiesta
    1 Joanie
    2 Karl
    3 Evan
    4 Ben
    5 Lewis
    6 Justin
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    Sounds good to me - I'm open that day to whatever we decide to do alternately...probably do MK earlier in the day, then over to Epcot for dinner - works for me!
  3. Excellent! I put you in the reservation. Here is an introduction on your fellow dinner guests. Karl is my husband and he is definitely a camera nerd. He'll be participating in most of the Pixelmania activities with us. Evan is my 17 year old son. He and his two best friends Ben and Lewis are joining us for our vacation. The guys will be running around the parks independent of us but I've asked them to connect with us at some of the meals so we can at least do a few things together.

  4. zackiedawg

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    Sounds like a plan. I like your family approach - very similar to mine when I was younger and went with my parents to the parks - always ran around separately with my friends but then met up with the rest of the family for dinners, a special lunch, or certain parks where we'd do something together. I still occasionally follow the same template as I go up to the parks at least once a year, sometimes twice, with my mother and she still likes to split off from me sometimes so she can do her thing while I take photos or do rides she doesn't like.
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