Sad day for Lexar Fans

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras & Equipment' started by mSummers, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. mSummers

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    Micron Technology, Inc. the parent company of Lexar announced this morning on its blog that they are discontinuing their Lexar removable storage retail business while they focus on increasing opportunities in "higher value markets and channels." I read elsewhere that Google and Amazon are buying flash memory in huge quantities from Micron, so the general assumption is that Lexar became a small portion of their market.

    They did say that they were exploring options to sell all or part of Lexar, so there's a chance that someone will pick up the brand and continue to produce the removable memory.
  2. ddindy

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    That makes Sony the only source for XQD cards. Too bad, they're so much more sturdy than SD cards.
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  3. Tim

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    I've owned many Lexar thumb drives over the years. This is a very curious decision.
  4. ddindy

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    Good news, everyone! Episode 1 of the Photo Geek Weekly podcast announced that a Chinese company has bought Lexar and will be resuming production of XQD card soon (if they haven't already). That certainly makes this Nikon user feel better.

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