Rock n Rollercoaster- less "shocking"

Discussion in 'Disney's Hollywood Studios Photos' started by Tim, Aug 18, 2016.

  1. Tim

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    Apparently Steven Tyler's pre-show salute has been removed... presumably the PC police pulled over the super stretch limo. Alas...
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    It could be worse: They might have replaced Aerosmith with Guardians of the Galaxy (which fits better in RnR than ToT, in my opinion).
  5. Roger

    Roger Member Staff Member

    Has anyone seen the actual language in the contract that Universal has? I'm wondering if the contract allowed Universal the right of first refusal for Marvel east of the Mississippi. Seems odd that Disney didn't put Guardians in Florida first but that would make sense....Universal doesn't have the rights but could if Disney tried to.

    It sounds like DCA is doing a Marvel switchover, this was just the first ride building they could re-purpose. Next up is the new parking garage and pedestrian entrance bridge project. If they buy the Candy Cane Inn they'll have a little more breathing room for expansion.
  6. ddindy

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    I'm pretty sure the contract is pretty iron-clad in preventing Disney from putting any Marvel properties in any WDW theme park. (Look it up for yourself - Google is your friend.) However, since the monorail resort loop is outside of all theme parks, they can get away with monorail wraps.
  7. Roger

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    Ah yes thanks.

    Interesting, Disney can't use the word Marvel for the Collector's Tower. IANAL but it seems to me that Disney could use GotG at WDW....but maybe because they've already linked them to THE AVENGERS (infinity stone/wars) they can't....I'm thinking Disney doesn't want to start a fight - it would be bad optics.
  8. Roger

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    The present inventory of the Marvel characters is set forth in the schedule to be attached or provided by Marvel promptly after execution hereof, plus any characters developed or acquired or licensed in the future by Marvel which (x) are marketed under the Marvel “Banner” or (y) were previously marketed under the Marvel “Banner” during the term hereof and are subsequently marketed under the “Banner” of a Marvel Related Company (defined below).

    Any marvel owned property even into the future. So Disney can build a .... Marvelland in CA but can't use the word Marvel anywhere. :

    East or West of The Mississippi - permitted uses shall be limited to the use of specific Marvel characters and Marvel may not permit a licensee to use the name “Marvel” as part of the attraction name or marketing.
  9. Tim

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    My head hurts… Let's get back to rock n rollercoaster and Disney overreacting to people and their petty grievances.
  10. RedOctober25

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    Rumor per WDWNews (?)... Universe of Energy will be transformed into Guardians Rollercoaster, but leaving off the Marvel and Guardians name officially. So maybe name it "the Cell Prison Escape" or something like that.

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  11. Tim

    Tim Administrator Staff Member

    I have heard that rumor also... BUT how does a rollecoaster fit into the theme of Future World's original edutainment concept? EPCOT is dead.
    (let's start a new thread for these rumors as we are now WAYYYY off topic)
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  12. zackiedawg

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    EPCOT in its original guise has been dying if not dead for years anyway...the educational slant was apparently just a little too ambitious - kids of today don't want to take their summer trip or family break from school to go to Disney and have to LEARN things. That's why the World Showcase has become mostly stores and Kim Possible/et al phone games for kids, and now Frozen, Innoventions have pared back to mostly video games, Nemo took over the Seas, Wonders of Life is dead space, Soarin is about the only reason most younger folks go to the Land, Test Track and Mission Space are more about fast rides than education...and now Energy, which has just too much actual information and education in it will have to be dumbed down to a movie themed ride.

    As for the surprise that some fanatics finally dug that up and jumped on it. Look hard enough for something offensive, and you'll find it pretty much anywhere. It's nowhere near the first 'pc' move in the parks...remember when the pirates used to chase the women? How offensive that was - we all know in history that women chased pirates off with rolling pins and were never harmed in any way.
  13. Roger

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    Hey I remember 18 years ago when that was the cool part of Innoventions!

    Just tell me when they add Limca to Club Cool.

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