Remember when Disney tried to blend ToT with Morocco to keep the theme?

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    I always liked how Disney made some attempts in the past to not let the 'outside' world intrude into the theme parks - generally, you didn't see too much on the horizons that would spoil the intricate theming and architecture of various rides or lands. Sure, when Swan & Dolphin were built, they poked up high enough to see from Epcot, but generally weren't in a place that caused them to appear directly behind one of the lands from most angles. When ToT was built, and it fell in a location that made it quite visible behind Morocco while crossing an open bridge, they did a nice job of blending the tower's design and even color so that it almost disappeared into the distant Moroccan architecture.

    Well, seems that the new construction for the DVC towers at Caribbean Beach aren't currently taking that old approach:
    Seems as though old Bavarian Germany is about to be loomed over by a big, modern 'hotel' structure! Stands to be seen if Disney is going to try to place some giant trees to block off the view - but with the gondolas coming too, it seems impossible to hide the outside world or blend it in anymore.
    It's not the first offense, of course - the enormous 'Soarin' building already looms up over Canada's beautiful theming from across the lake at Norway. It's just that one of the things I liked about Disney World that they addressed over Disneyland was keeping the outside world from getting too close and ruining the magic feel - seeing Anaheim's generic buildings and hotels popping up over the tops of Disneyland's parks was something that could be avoided at Disney World because of all the land they bought - but now Disney themselves are starting to encroach on the views in their own parks at WDW!
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    It’s not about the product anymore, and hasn’t been in many years. It’s all about the cash!
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