Private (chauffeured) car from airport to resort - carseat?

Discussion in 'Disney Vacation Planning & Transportation' started by Treelo, Jul 11, 2013.

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    ALrighty... so my mom and I will be flying with the little monster in November, while DH and my Dad drive down (so we can bring our son's playpen... and car seat... and diapers... and formula... and... and... and... I swear most of what's going to be in that van is for the little monster *laugh*). ; He will NOT be getting his own seat on the plane (love him to pieces, but I'm not paying $500 for him to have his own seat when he won't care or remember). ; Unfortunately, DH won't get there until 8+ hours after we do, so we need to get a car from the airport to the hotel (and the other way at the other end of the stay).

    Does anyone know of a company that has rear-facing seats? ; Monster will only be 9 months, but the only companies our travel agent has spoken to about a car seat said they have forward facing (and the Florida laws are pretty non-specific beyond "he's under 3, he needs to be in a car seat" ; :p ).... I'm not really comfortable with him being forward facing at that age if we can avoid it... even for a relatively short trip. ; :(
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    What we did was use Magical express to the Disney hotel from there I rented a car with Alamo or National who offered me a free carseat when i was leaving but since I needed two I said no thank you and went down to Walmart and picked up two car seats for 25 dollars each.

    I then leave the car seats with some friends I meet on another forum who live in orlando so when I visit I will always have them. Oh and if your not going to do it.. RENT a car its much better then taking disney transportation everywhere. It saves a ton of time and is less stressful on you and the child.
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    We used magical express when Kyle was 5 months old; we used Disney transportation during our whole trip - and did not find it stressful at all with the kids (although, we were there in January, and it was never busy)

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