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    admit it, you heard the what's in your wallet voice in your head, didn't you
    always fun to see who is bringing what
    sony A9 body
    zeiss loxia 21mm f2.8
    zeiss loxia 35mm f2, rented from lensrentals.com for pixelmania, it is a rare year indeed that i am not carrying something rented to try out
    both manual focus
    sony zeiss 55mm f1.8
    sony 85mm f1.8
    sony 70-200 G f4 strictly for stage shows, batb, fotlk, hocus pocus
    full set of square grad and full nd filters, with holder and assorted rings to thread onto the lenses
    77mm singh-ray warming polarizer
    77mm singh-ray blue and gold circular polarizer
    52mm round nd 1.8 filter for loxia
    step up rings to enable he 77mm filters to be put on all lenses

    for those curious, yes i am again doing pixelmania prime, something i did one year in my canon days back towards maybe the third or fourth pixelmania. i am seriously considering moving towards all manual focus primes below 100 mm for all my landscape work. i already have my plane ticket to salt lake city for next may, as part of my trip to the nrhs convention, because union pacific has again stated in no uncertain terms they will have the big boy there, under steam for the 150th anniversary of the golden spike ceremony. and as part of that trip i will have 3 1/2 days in zion and 2 1/2 days in bryce canyon national parks, and they deserve serious prime and filter landscape skills. i was actually able to score 2 nights in the bryce canyon lodge, oh yeah, hoodoos at sunset/sunrise, you bet
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