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Discussion in 'PIXELMANIA!' started by ddindy, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. ddindy

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    With skyrocketing prices at Walt Disney World, it pays to reserve your room as early as possible. Now that reservations are available for late 2020, we are announcing the tentative dates for Pixelmania 2020: October 22-25.

    As always, there is a small chance that the dates may change, but they are close enough that we recommend that you contact your favorite travel agent and put down a deposit.

    For the value minded, I checked rates for a "standard" room at the three "value" resorts:
    Art of Animation Little Mermaid room $219
    Pop Century $182
    All Stars $148

    It looks like the Skyliner upcharge will be in full effect at Pop and AoA.
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  2. ddindy

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    Going to Universal before or after Pixelmania is a matter of whatever works for you. I've done both.

    If you like to peek behind the curtain, check out the Behind the Screams tour. It's a lights-on tour of some of the houses with several chances for photos. I did it before HHN last year but, due to the spoilers, should have done it after.

    Update: Also bear in mind that HHN is typically Wednesday through Sunday only.
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  3. ddindy

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    Another date that is subject to change: Southwest is currently planning to accept Pixelmania reservations starting March 12, 2020.
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  4. Nancy AK

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    Thanks Dennis. When will the 2020 Pixelmania dates be finalized?
  5. ddindy

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    Maybe around October 21? Seriously, I think they can be considered final now, since the DVC members had to make their reservations before Pixelmania 2019.
  6. gary

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    i certainly hope its written in stone, since casa gary was indeed booked before pixelmania 19

    written in stone, probably vern gosden's best and defining work, i will wager many have forgotten the great work the gosden brothers, vern and rex and chris hillman did together in bluegrass as the hillmen
  7. Nancy AK

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    I have already booked for October but saw “tentative”. Just thought I better check.
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  9. ddindy

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    With gary, you know it's gonna be bluegrass. His Sirius XM car radio is nailed to the Bluegrass Junction channel.
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