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  1. Due to Disney's last minute schedule changes we usually don't post the itinerary until a few weeks before Pixelmania. What happens is Disney looks at attendance projections and if there is an up tick in attendance numbers then they expand park hours.

    That has the potential to alter our plans depending upon what Disney decided to do. For Example if we are at, let's just say California Adventure and we find out that DisneyLAND will be open that night until 2 am we might decide to add an extra side trip over there after California adventure closes at 10 pm. (I'm just using California locations to avoid confusion)

    We've found it easier to be flexible and not make premature schedule announcements only to have to change them later. This is done with the knowledge that Disney has the right to really alter their schedule at the last minute.

    With the opening of Toy Storyland it remains to be seen what type of hours and limitations Disney is going to put on access to this area. Just when we think we have it all figured out Disney changes up the game on us.

    As far as your breakfast reservations are concerned, feel free to make your plans and know that you can join us afterwards on the fly. We communicate using a phone app so that helps to make it easier to find us as we hit the parks. The communication via the phone app is essential because we might discover that a touring plan isn't working as well as we expected and we have to alter our location on the fly.

    I think we ran in to this when we were touring the Christmas story tellers one year at Epcot and the schedule wasn't working out in time with the storyteller shows to allow up to catch the voices of liberty. So some of us split and went to Voices of Liberty and some kept up with the Story Teller shows. That's not a perfect example but it helps to illustrate some of the changes that happen on the fly with our group.

    I hope that answers your question!
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    Joanie, thank you for the information. I didn’t realize that Disney adjusted their hours like this.
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    I'm moving this to the place I intended to post it to begin with.

    @Nancy K Here are a couple of tips: We don't normally make changes from year to year for Epcot and MK, so once we announce the Halloween or Christmas party day, you know that MK is the park of the day for that date. Epcot is usually the other day, i.e. Thursday in October and Friday in December (the October date chosen to avoid the weekend Food & Wine crowd.) Saturday and Sunday are Studios and AK, but with those two parks seeing the most changes, we usually wait before carving those days in stone.

    We have announced this year's ADRs for HS and AK, but even those have "subject to change" footnotes.

    If you think this is confusing, you should see the discussion for 2019...
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    Thank you for responding. Sorry this newbie likes to ask a lot of questions :). I was more interested in what time we usually meet up. There’s a few ADR for breakfast I want to check out like Kona Cafe, Grand Floridian, maybe Boma or Beaches & Cream.
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    Subject to change, but the earliest meets is currently 10:30am. Plenty of time for breakfast.
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    Let me know about those, I will have a car and might be interested in bona and Mona, esp if not earlier than 8

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    Thank you. OK good to know meets are 10:30, I was planning on making ADR for breakfast between 8:30am and 9:30am,
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  8. I'll have a car too but I am staying at a Disney Springs area hotel.

    Also @Nancy K , Keep asking questions! We are here to help and we don't mind at all.

  9. New announcements for this year's Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party:

    "The Mad Tea Party will take you for a colorful ride as new lighting and effects give a new spin on the night.

    On Pirates of the Caribbean, new pirates invade the experience, interacting with sailing guests who will join the search for “Gunpowder Pete.”

    On Space Mountain, explorers will hurtle through deep space as a new soundtrack and special effects transform the adventure.

    Storybook Circus welcomes the Storybook Circus Disney Junior Jam, a dance party featuring some of your favorite Disney Junior Characters, including Doc McStuffins."

    LINK: https://www.wdwmagic.com/events/mic...ears-mickeys-not-so-scary-halloween-party.htm

    I want you all to know I'm ditching you and hanging out with Doc McStuffins all night. She is much better company than the likes of you and she is way more patient when I discuss my aches and pains with her.

  10. mSummers

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    The pirates thing sounds like they're mixing live actors with the animatronics. That count be interesting photographically.
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  11. 2018 MNSSHP (Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party) schedule

    Cadaver dans 7:00, 7:45, 8:30, 9:50, and 10:30pm (near building gap by country bears)

    Haunted Mansion comedians rotate

    Boo to you parade 9:15 PM, 11:15 PM

    Hallowishes 10:15

    Hocus pocus 8:30PM, 10:45 PM,, 12:00 AM

    There is other stuff on the schedule like
    Monstrous Scream-O-Ween Ball – 7:00PM-12:00AM which is a dance party

    Go here to see the source of the info: https://wdwnt.com/2018/08/entertain...een-party-new-frontierland-costume-promenade/

    My schedule last year was something like this:
    Get Sorcerers Party CARD

    7:15 (last year's time) Cadaver Dans

    Haunted Mansion (Friend was holding Parade spot so I could be @ Haunted Mansion and see Cadaver Dans)

    @FLAG POLE BY 7PM to hold spot (I had a friend holding my spot at the flag pole so I could catch the Cadaver Dans & HM)

    9:15 Boo 2U@flag pole

    10:15 Hallowishes

    to Partners Statue to photograph Hocus Pocus 10:45

    11:15 2nd Parade from Hub Bridge


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    Is this this years? Thank you Joanie
  13. mSummers

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    I stand corrected. Joanie has 2017 at the top of the post but the link is to the 2018 info on the party.
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  14. You are correct, I fixed it.

    I was copying my info from last year and changing the times to reflect this years new schedule. I forgot to change the date at top. That's what you get when you are going back and forth in between 2 documents and checking for accuracy on times and not dates...
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  15. RedOctober25

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    And if someone does not want their “Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom” Party Card... I will gladly take them (I have a couple of friends that collect and play but can’t get to the party). I promise that they will not end up on eBay.

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  16. Nancy AK

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    What is this?
  17. RedOctober25

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    There’s a card game that they started in the Magic Kingdom a few years ago. They have spells (the cards) that you cast at various spots throughout the park in an attempt to complete a mission. Anyway, at both the Halloween and Christmas party they have limited edition collectors “spells” that you can only get by attending the party. In order to get a card you show up to the firehouse during the party and they mark your wristband then hand you the card. So since not everyone in the group plays (but can get a card) I figured I’d be willing to carry the card for them so their camera bag isn’t weighed down too much. .

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  18. I have managed to collect the special cards from every holiday since they started giving these out. I even have a couple of the first Chip and Dale cards from the first Halloween give out of the special cards.

    That's terrible english but you know what I mean...

    This year Karl and I will be attending the first Christmas party with all the "Bloggeratti" so my streak will remain unbroken!
    Halloween and Xmas in one trip!

    Mwa Ha Ha!!!
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  19. Nancy AK

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    RedOctober25, :):):)
  20. ddindy

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    Some of the planning committee are buried in work, but since the FastPass window is opening up, here are our current recommendations (subject to change, just like everything else associated with Pixelmania):

    Thursday, October 25, Epcot: Frozen Ever After with 12 noon in the window (or the first available time after noon).

    Friday, October 26, Magic Kingdom: Buzz Lightyear with 11:30 am in the window.

    Saturday, October 27, Animal Kingdom: Festival of the Lion King, 12 noon show (the FastPass time for the noon show is 11:30 am).

    Sunday, October 28, Hollywood Studios: Slinky Dog Dash with 7:30 pm in the window (apparently 7 pm is the latest FP time available due to an 8 pm park closing, so you'll have to try for a start time from 6:30 to 7 pm).

    Good luck!
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