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  1. gary

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    so how many pixels were murdered in quest of that one killer shot. my count is 5152, that made it off the plane, but that number is seriously pumped up, 744 indiana jones shots in one show will tend to do that, plus 624 in beauty nd the beast, a couple hundred in the lion king and around 600 in finding memo. i went full auto on the stage shows, not because i needed to, but because i wanted to, i wanted to really test the a7r3's muscles for auto focus, fast shooting, facial focusing etc. i am highly satisfied, so much so that the a7r2 and my spare a6300 crop body went off to fedex this morning before the bottom drops out of the a7r2 market. i can see huge numbers of Sony users selling bodies to get into that a7r3. that is one heck of a camera.
  2. RedOctober25

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    1400 in my photo album and 2400 already deleted (so 3800 total initially)...

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  3. 4973 from Pixelmania this year. Keepers are undetermined at this point. I have had a few photography gigs since back so the paying jobs take front and center.

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  4. jbwolffiv

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    I took 7971 from Yehaa Bob through Monday afternoon. 6990 of those were during the days of Pixelmania.
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  5. gary

    gary Member

    let the thinning of the herd begin
  6. Dpunchphoto

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    I was only down there for 3 days, but I averaged about 400 a day (1166 total). If I can get 30-50 keepers a day, I’ll be happy.

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  7. zackiedawg

    zackiedawg Member Staff Member

    I'm a light shutter-pusher by comparison! In my 4 days there, I shot 931 on my main camera, plus an additional 145 on the RX10...total of 1,076. I sorted out a grand total of 373 for the personal gallery folder, and then after processing/cropping and deciding which to upload online, I have 130 in my online gallery. Got all selections and processing done last Thursday.
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  8. ddindy

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    My count looks like almost 3600 for PIxelmania proper and 5100 for the whole week. Sadly, it will be a while before I can do anything with them as I still don't have a computer that can run software new enough to process the shots from my D500.
  9. 1,915 I'm either getting better or lazier, I can't decide.

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  10. mSummers

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    I took too many. I'm going to have to get better with the new Copyright upload restrictions.

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