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    The Magic in Pixels is proud to announce that Pixelmania 2017 is scheduled for Wednesday December 6th to Sunday December 10th in the Walt Disney World Resort. Pixelmania is a gathering of Disney photography, friends, and fun and is designed to be a low-stress, open-ended event where we can all learn and share together. The schedule is flexible, with plenty of down time so you can enjoy your favorite dining and attractions, while still having fun in the company of your fellow photogs and online friends.

    The Planning Board is working hard on a great mix of new and old favorite events with a possible surprise or two mixed in. For now, please be sure to mark your calendar and plan on being at Walt Disney World during this fun and informative event.

    If you're planning to attend, please make sure to let us know in the Signup Thread so we can keep an accurate head count for the event.
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    Here is the Park of the day schedule and the recommended fast passes for Pixelmania 2017
    THE FAST PASS WINDOW FOR RESORT GUESTS WILL BE OPENING SOON DEPENDING ON THE DATES OF YOUR STAY. You can choose to schedule a fast pass with the Pixelmania group or keep all 3 for your own use. See the schedule for the group Fast Pass below.

    Wednesday PRE-MEET Dinner at the Boathouse (details and sign ups to follow) Followed by an evening with Yeeha Bob at Port Orleans River Roost

    Thursday - Park: Magic Kingdom. Recommended fast pass - Jungle Cruise - obtain a FP+ with 5:45pm in the window.
    Special event: Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 6pm

    Friday - Park: Epcot
    - Recommended fast pass - Illuminations

    Saturday - Park:
    Animal Kingdom - Recommended fast pass- Finding Nemo for the 12:00pm show

    Sunday- Park: Hollywood Studios
    IN THE MORNING to 4pm in the afternoon/Animal Kingdom AT NIGHT. *No recommended fast pass for Sunday so pick your own*

    More details concerning the day's schedule for each park will be released closer to the event.
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    The Planning Board has secured large ADR's again this year. Signup threads will be posted by Joanie around Noon on Monday 10/9/17. Spaces will be available on a first come first served basis. Dining signups will close at 11:59pm on Tuesday 11/28/17 so we can release excess ADR seats back into the system.

    Anyone who has signed up for Pixelmania and their families are welcome to attend these meals. Please make sure to state how many seats you need if you have additional people attending.

    Wednesday 12/6 - Boathouse 5:00pm Sign Up Here

    Thursday 12/7 - Skipper Canteen 3:50pm Sign Up Here

    Friday 12/8 - Biergarten Non-Candlelight Package 1:30pm Sign Up Here (note, CP & Non-CP are in the same thread)
    Biergarten Candlelight Package for the 5:00pm Processional 2:10pm
    Beaches & Cream - 10:20pm Sign Up Here

    Saturday 12/9 - Tiffins 1:20pm Sign Up Here

    Sunday 12/10 - Sci Fi 2:30pm Sign Up Here
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    The Planning Board is pleased to present the schedule:

    PM2017 Brochure Final rev 1 Outside 2017 11 25 web.jpg
    PM2017 Brochure Final rev Inside 1 2017 11 25 web.jpg
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    Unofficial Pre-Meet/Post Meets

    DVC Moonlight Magic:
    Three of our DVC members secured the maximum allowable tickets for the 12/4/17 and 12/11/17 DVC Moonlight Magic at EPCOT. Anyone who's attending Pixelmania is welcome to sign up for available spaces here:


    Universal Orlando:
    Some members are making a trip to Universal Monday 12/11/17. Anyone attending Pixelmania is welcome to join the group. Arrange transportation on your own.
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  7. Here is link to the PARK HOURS calendar that Disney provides to Travel Agents. Keep in mind that this calendar WILL MOST LIKELY CHANGE so check back when we get closer to December trip for updates. I am hoping that this information will help attendees in planning their trip. The timeline for the Pixelmania meets will be released as we get closer to the event.


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    Bump. Schedule updated with FP+ and Park of the Day
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    Bump. Dining info added. Links to signup threads will be added Monday after Joanie starts the threads.
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    Wednesday 12/6 - Boathouse 5:00pm
    Thursday 12/7 - Skipper Canteen 3:50pm
    Friday 12/8 - Biergarten Non-Candlelight Package 1:30pm
    Beaches & Cream - 10:20pm
    Saturday 12/9 - Tiffins 1:20pm

    Those all sound good to me - I'm in for all! Looking forward to the signup threads, just hoping I don't miss them or not notice them in time.
    The only thing I wish I could have managed was to add one more day, as I'll have to miss out on Sunday's activities.
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    Make sure you have notifications turned on for new threads in the Pixelmania section and you'll get an email when new threads are posted.
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  12. ;););)
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    Hi everyone. I'm new here but I'm very interested in this. I'm not sure yet if I can make it but I'm going to try. Is there a deadline. I'm a bit of an amateur but would love to get in some more practice and be around people who love photography also.
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    Welcome! We'd love for you to attend if you can. There is no deadline to sign up for the event, we only ask folks so we have an idea of how many people to expect.

    We do ask for everyone to sign up for dining by 11/28 just so we can release unused ADR's back into the system. However if there are seats available after that date on the partially used ADR's we'll still fill the remaining seats.
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    Hi, do you know when the Yeha Bob meetup will be? I don't think I can make it for dinner but I'm interested in that
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    All of the meet times will be listed on the full schedule when it is released later this month. The short version listed above was just to give everyone the general outline.
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    Thank you! I will be sure to keep these dates in mind and keep you posted.
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    Bump. Dining Links Added.
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    Bump: Schedule and Unofficial Pre & Post Meets added.

    As a reminder 11/28 is the last day to sign up for dining so we can release the excess seats back into the system, so please sign up if you want to eat with the group and haven't already done so. Also, please sign up for the DVC EPCOT Moonlight Magic event if you wish to attend with the group.
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    So the last day, Sunday the 10th has been changed to stay at the Studios all day and not leave at 4pm for Animal Kingdom. Is that correct?

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