Pirates on the Big Screen

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  1. JeremyES

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    Took this over the summer at the local drive-in during At World's End. Long exposure, sitting the camera on the roof of the car. One of those happy accident photos that turned out much better than I'd imagine before clicking the shutter.

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  2. PolynesianMedic

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    Nice to see that there are a few more then one (that I knew of) drive-in's still around. :) Neat shot.
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  3. Roger

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    That's very nice, esp with the montage look of the long exposure.
  4. DisneyGeek92

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    That looks really cool. Like rlongenbach said the montage with the long exposure is interesting. I wouldn't think thats what a long exposure of a movie would look like.
  5. prettypixie

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    Very cool! I can't belive it came out so well. :eek:
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