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Discussion in 'Disney With The Kids' started by weemcp, Apr 25, 2014.

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    My first trip was when I was 3 years old. I don't remember much from the trip, but I distinctly remember watching the train pull into Main Street Station and I remember riding Pirates.
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    I love it! We go to Disney every now and then, although it's mostly Hong Kong Disneyland. It's unfortunate that I only got there when I was already 11, but it was entirely worth it. Seeing the reaction on my sister's face (who was about 5-6 at that time) when she saw all those rides were priceless.

    I'm currently checking on Disney every now and then just so I could plan a trip for next vacation (assuming we're complete for the family reunion, just so we could have yet another crazy trip along Main Street.
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  4. QueenElsa

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    I love the way you took each question and comment and responded to it in the post. Your pictures are adorable! Some of my very best and favorite memories as a kid are from Disney, and I can't wait to take my kids one day! Seeing the excitement and wonder on the little one's faces definitely makes it worth it!
  5. @weemcp thank you for sharing your memories. We started with our kids at about 1.5 years of age. What we always tell people is that a Disney vacation is not just about the kids and whether the remember or not, it is about creating memories for the parents and family too.
    Disney is about creating memories and moments that you and your kids will remember throughout their lives. You are never too young or old to visit Disney and make memories.

    Just our view...
  6. weemcp

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    thanks everyone! I realize that not everyone is a Disney fanatic like we are...but for anyone that isn't sure, I really think they just need to do it!
  7. Tim

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    We have been travelling with kids every trip since 2006 (kids will be 8/ 5/ 1 come July). Its a non-issue, especially if your kids are so young that they can't make their own decisions. Just do what you would want and use a bit of common sense and you will be fine.
  8. Totally agree with @Tim.. It is your vacation too. Common sense is also an important part of every trip. Hahaha. Scary how many people forget that.
  9. gokoko

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    Awesome blog post! I wholeheartedly agree with you. People will criticize you for spending money on taking you and your family to fun places. But who cares what they think? Life was meant to be lived abundantly! Plus, with work and stress in other areas of life, vacations are absolutely essentially to lowering your stress and staying healthy.
  10. 00003

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    Personally, I don't find it that you are wasting your money when you bring your children along with you in your travels especially if it were in Disney. Disney is a place for children and alike. It is a place for playing, exploring and imagining. The more children there the more the adults are able to feel that they are kids too, once they were and could be until now. When you bring your children with you, you are not there to be their parents and your children to be your children. You are there to be their playmates and your children to be yours as well.
  11. trenchant

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    I don't think bringing your kids to Disney is a waste of money. Disney is primarily targeted towards the child demographic, after all.
    In fact, I probably would have enjoyed it a lot more if I was younger when I first visited Disney.
    It's a lot easier to feel that sense of wonder and excitement as a younger person; as I grow older, it becomes easier to be jaded about everything.
  12. @trenchant Totally agreed with you. Really wished I went as a child. Oh well! I'm making up for it now. Going as often as I can...
  13. Colene

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    If I could afford it, I definitely would. I have 5 kids, and my youngest 2 have never been. In fact, my kids haven't been in 10 years this summer! How sad is that? My youngest at the time doesn't even remember it because he was 1! I wish I could take them, but it costs a fortune! Maybe I will figure out a way.
  14. Streak

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    I definitely want to take my son to Disney World. But, I would like to wait until he is a little older so he might actually remember bits and pieces of it He's only 17 months right now. So, I know chances are pretty good he would not remember the trip. We just opt for local theme parks because it is more affordable. However, planning a long distance trip so we can go to Disney World is definitely in our future! I live in Indiana, so we would be going on a good little trip either to California or Florida.
  15. Edware

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    Yeah it's probably a good idea to wait til he's older lol. I hardly even remember my first trip to Disney Land and I'm pretty sure I was in grade school around that time.
  16. kylekur2

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    I believe the kids are never too young for their first trip. I went on my first trip when I was two years old and I don't really remember it, but isn't that what pictures are for? Although I don't remember the trip in itself it is always kind of cool to look at the pictures. If you have young kids just take them, and remember to get a lot of pictures. :)

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