Ohana and Fireworks

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants and Dining' started by Ariel2, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Ariel2

    Ariel2 Member

    What is a good time to make dinner at Ohana if you want to watch the parade and fireworks?
    Should I eat dinner first and then go or the other way around?
    What about with Crystal palace?

    Also, whats better Prime time or Sci Fi?
  2. CameraGirl

    CameraGirl Member

    I LOVE Prime Time. ; Their food is great, the Peanut butter and jelly milkshake is to die for and so is the smores for dessert. ; However I have not eaten at the Sci Fi at all.
  3. stitchaholic

    stitchaholic Member

    I would say 8:30-8:45 would be a good reservation time for Ohana

    I never did PT, but sci-fi we did twice, it is cool to eat there once because of the cars and movies, but the food is meh, burgers, rings and milkshakes are the specialty there.

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