Off Kilter is on the road again

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    Back in 2010, Off Kilter made a rare road trip to Indianapolis to play at the Indy Irish Fest. Five years later, they're repeating the trip. If you're in the area (or have Southwest Flight Funds to burn), come and see our favorite Epcot expatriates as they play three shows (one per day) on September 18-20, 2015.

    Here's a shot from their last visit.

    Off Kilter
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    I saw Off Kilter last night, and will see them again tonight and tomorrow afternoon. It's the regular lineup (Jamie, Randy, Mark, Jason and Scott) plus Billy Varnes on a second guitar. He looks familiar, so he may have been one of their regular subs; I know he played with the Holiday Voyageurs last December.

    The sets this weekend are 90 minutes each; that's 4 1/2 hours of Off Kilter fun this weekend. The highllight of last night's set was AC/DC's It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll), one of the few heavy metal songs that actually features bagpipes.

    Look for photos in a few weeks (after I return from WDW). I tweeted a cell phone photo last night; I'll try to do a better one tonight.
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    Glad to see them still playing even if its a very limited schedule.
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    Watch their newly-redesigned web site for schedule updates. They have a lot of gigs planned in the greater Orlando area over the winter. They also have a new Twitter account (@OffKilterFL) and Facebook page (Off Kilter Orlando). Also check out Jason Thomas on Facebook; he's pretty active and has posted some photos from this weekend.
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    Thanks for the heads up! Too bad they don't have anything scheduled for early December
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    Maybe that means they are back at Epcot as the Holiday Voyageurs... And it looks like their popularity at IndyIrishFest has crashed their website.
  8. Tim

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    One can certainly hope. The LJ's will NOT be a part of the schedule.
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    Aaaah man... And here I was prepared to bring my earplugs along to cut down the loudness of the chainsaws...
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    I am a lumberjack and i'm ok
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    Breaking news: Our favorite Celtic rock band, Off Kilter, has announced that they will once again be playing at the Indy Irish Fest, September 16-18, 2016, in Indianapolis. Make your travel plans now.

    They're also playing at the Ohio Celtic Festival in suburban Cleveland, Ohio on August 12-14.
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    This is the big weekend! Off Kilter is returning to the Indy Irish Fest. Weather permitting, I'll be there for all three shows. Here's a shot of Jamie from last year.

    All Hail the Piper
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    Here's another shot from 2015. The weather doesn't look too promising for Friday and Saturday, but I'll still be there in case the show goes on.

    Rock On
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    Friday turned out good. A storm front passed through around 4 pm, but was long gone when Off Kilter appeared at 9. They played to a large and appreciative crowd for nearly two hours. I hope this morning's rain moves out as quickly.
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    Saturday's rain did move out quickly, leaving behind a lot of muddy ground. The singer in the band that was on before Off Kilter, The Led Farmers, stripped down to his skivvies and took a dive into one of the mud puddles. Hey, it's an Irish festival; mass quantities were consumed.

    Anyway, the boys from Orlando put on another great show Saturday night, followed by a final show on a rain-free Sunday afternoon. Their set ended at 3:15 pm, and their flight to Orlando was scheduled to leave at 5. I sure hope they made it.

    Photos soon, I promise.
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    Fresh from Photoshop, here's why you should go see Off Kilter during Pixelmania: Jamie and Randy doing their best Angus Young duckwalk during AC/DC's classic It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll). Hard rock with bagpipes - it doesn't get any better. Taken at last weekend's Indy Irish Fest.

    It's a Long Way
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    Another shot of Randy and Jason a the 2016 Indy Irish Fest.

    String Section

    I was able to see the band do a couple of sets at Celtic Fest Ohio on Father's Day weelend, 2017. I'll post those as soon as I have a computer capable of processing the raw files from my D500 (Real Soon Now).

    For those of you in the northeast, Off Kilter is playing at Irish 2000 in Ballston Spa, NY on Saturday, September 16, 2017.north of Albany, NY.

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