Nope Snoap!

Discussion in 'PIXELMANIA!' started by RedOctober25, Dec 24, 2017.

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    Well, Pixelmania has ruined some holiday movies for me... I was watching a Hallmark Christmas movie and it was clear they were using Snoap in place of any other alternative. First thoughts were as follows...

    1) It’s clearly Snoap as there is very little wind and the “snow” is falling up. That and it was too “fluffy” to be any type of real snow.
    2) It must be the long acting formulation as it is lingering much longer than that at Disney (and it is accumulating in the streets of the movie set).
    3) I wonder how many 55 gallon drums they had to use.

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    And what’s worse is that I am now getting ads from Big Brother for Snow Juice... [​IMG]

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