New Entertainment at EPCOT = goodbye to favorites

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    Short show, I would assume the "competitions" change throughout the day seeing that there is a springboard tree setup on the concrete. He also made mention of a white line. Is it a barrier or just a marking (since kids can be impulsive and wander). Seemed to have a good stage presence and have a little comedy, but not sure how much repeat viewings this will get. Now, who has video of the flag wavers (or have they not started yet)?
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    Good news: I heard on the September WDW Today live show (at 1:37:00) that Off Kilter will be appearing as the Canadian Holiday Voyageurs again this holiday season. It's not their regular set, but at least we'll be able to see the boys again.
  3. RedOctober25

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    Well, that means paparazzi meet for PixelMania 2015...

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