Mulch Concert

Discussion in 'Misc. Posting Board' started by mSummers, Jan 6, 2016.

  1. mSummers

    mSummers Member

    Mulch is performing at the Disney Springs House of Blues under their new name - American Martian this Friday 1/8/16 at 7:00pm. They posted on Facebook that they will stream the concert on their periscope account:

    As Morris would say, be there or be elsewhere!
  2. ddindy

    ddindy Member Staff Member

    That's a really nice gesture for those of us who won't be in Florida this weekend fighting the hordes of lunatics. (In cast you haven't guessed, I'm not a runner.)
  3. Tim

    Tim Administrator Staff Member

    Killing me that I can't attend this concert. Wishing them much luck and many future gigs at the HoB.
  4. RedOctober25

    RedOctober25 Member

    Watched a little bit of the show. Jenn's feed was a bit sketchy, but looked like they had a great turnout.

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