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    As you all know, I loves me some Whispering Canyon at the Wilderness Lodge. ; Our most recent server, MT Plate, was an absolute woot who kept us laughing (and on our toes) throughout the entire meal. ; I knew it was going to be a good time when she called me "Studly" when taking our drink order. ; Throughout the meal, she kept reminding me to get photos of her, because "she was the pretty one". ; She even offered me an invitation to come visit her at her "night job", which I politely declined. ; If any of you get a chance to enjoy MT's hospitality, don't pass it up!


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    That is great! ; Maybe we can request her in the future. . .
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    We have has many a great meal and time there! ; Our favorite is Candy Cane, as my daughter loved her the two times we had her. ; She moved some boy that she called Harry Potter to our table so Amanda could get a boyfriend. ; When that didn't work she started walking around to each table asking Amanda if "this boy would do?". It was all very funny!

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