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    Hey, I am going to hopefully go to the July 16th Moonlight Magic at Epcot. The tickets go up on June 5th or 6th. I was wondering how you go about getting them? Is it online thru the DVC website? I know that @ExploringWDW @RedOctober25 and @gary all did this last years, thoughts?
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    The details are posted on the member website, or right here:

    Members with Disney Resort hotel reservations during the event can register online beginning Wednesday, June 6, 2018 at 9:00 AM Eastern Time.

    Registration opens to all Members on Wednesday, June 20, 2018 at 9:00 AM Eastern Time.

    Registration is online only. Be logged in to your DVC account and ready to go at 9AM just in case but I have never seen it sold out before it opened up to people without hotel reservations. Note that there are no "tickets", you are just on a list and you check in with ID and DVC card at the park or your resort and get a wrist band.

    I have not done the Epcot event, only AK, but is was great fun. Nice to get a few "freebies" like food and drink. No free booze :( Park was not crowded. Its also nice that you can get guests in the park for free if you might be in that situation. I had planned to bring my parents but they decided not to drive down with Hurricane Irma coming to town.

    The others can chime in on the Epcot details but I would highly recommend it.
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    Thanks Dave!
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    The Epcot event last year was pretty much as follows...

    - Check In at a designated spot... in park if you are already in the park... and outside the ticket gate if you do not have tickets (since you don’t need park tickets to attend).

    - they had a select number of Rides, food kiosks and character meets. I believe Norway was the furthest you could go into the countries on the one side (as Frozen was one of the open rides) and the bridge on the other side (as the IG was able to be used to exit after the party).

    - they also had a special fireworks show on the lagoon.

    The biggest constraint is time management. There was not enough time to do everything... even half the things. My itinerary each night was as follows (since at that time you could attend both nights of the party)...

    Night 1:
    - checked in with entire party
    - rode SSE pre-party
    - went to get in line for Frozen just prior to start of party
    - wait time plus broken ride caused us to jump out of line before we entered the building.
    - got into line to meet the Three Caballeros
    - sent one member of the party to grab ice cream bars for the group.
    - headed to get a spot for fireworks about 15 minutes early.
    - had railing spot behind one of the shops (basically where the FP+ viewing area is)
    - rode Soarin’ after the fireworks
    - left party about 1 hour early. However, there were a couple of character lines that were already cut off by that time.

    Night 2:
    - checked in with entire party
    - got into line for Horace & Clarabelle M&G about 45-60 before start of party (was 2nd or 3rd in line).
    - went to The Land for Aviator Minnie M&G
    - headed to “Friends of Nemo” M&G (was two “fish” ladies from the parade)... this was basically a walk up since they were not “regular” characters.
    - watched fireworks
    - left party about 1 hour early.

    From my experience you have a couple of options for the party...
    1) ride 3-4 rides (if Frozen is available I’d line up early for that first... the rest were only 20-30 minutes waits max)
    2) go to 3-4 Character Meets... be sure to prioritize which characters are your favorites and meet them first... and line up early (3 Caballeros met by side entrance to pyramid and one was down the ramp, looped in and out of the Coco area next to the ramp, and then down the tree line towards Norway).
    3) ride 1-2 rides and 1-2 less popular characters
    *mileage might vary when you add the fireworks into this, but you can pretty much walk up to the railing just as they start (just keep track of the time).

    I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but hope this helps.

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