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    I am hopefully going to this 9/29 have yet to get tickets will soon in the next few weeks. ; My question is who all has gone to this? ; I have ADR's at Chef Mickeys for 5:20 and I hope we can make it to MK right after. ; It is a surprise for my DD B-Day. ; I've read that you need to take it easy during the day because it's a long night. ; Is there that much going on on during the MNSSHP? ; Is it worth the $$. ; Thanks for your input.
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    I haven't gone, personally, but from what I've read, it's like Nighttime Extra Magic Hour with a few extras.

    In terms of rides, this is what was open last year:
    Swiss Family Tree House
    Pirates of Carribean
    Magic Carpet of Alladin

    Splash Mountain
    Country Bear Jamboree
    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

    Liberty Square:
    Haunted Mansion

    Peter Pan's Flight
    Snow White
    Winnie the Pooh
    Mad Tea Party
    It's A Small World

    Indy Speedway
    Space Mountain
    Astro Orbiter
    Buzz Lightyear Spin
    Tommorowland Transit Authority
    Stitch's Great Escape

    Mickey's Toontown Fair:
    Wiseacre Farm

    also, here's an online 'article' you might find interesting: ... .htm ;
    and here: ; which also includes a review by someone who previously thought the event was just one more excuse to charge people extra.

    Hope that helps a bit... or that someone else on the site has actually BEEN to it ;)
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    My Opinion, YES!

    It is a good idea to have an easy day the day of the event. ; Pool day or shopping.

    Remember that you can enter the park without using a regular ticket. ; Your MNSSHP ticket will get you into MK at approx. 4:30 p.m.

    When you finish dinner, head over to MK and get your wristband. ;

    Make sure you catch the first parade, since this is the only time the Headless Horseman makes his appearance!

    Don't forget to watch the fireworks too! ; AWESOME!

    As for doing the rides, almost walk on!

    Trick or Treating! ; It's fun! ; You'll also have great opportunities to see characters that you may not normally see! ; I had my picture taken with the Walrus last year!

    This will be our third year going! ; That's how much fun I think it is!

    Have Fun!


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