MDP Show #29... 9/16/2007

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    "Please make sure your safety restraints are securely fastened at this time. Galactic regulations require that all carry-on items be safely stowed beneath your seats. Oh, and flash photography (that means you Tim) and smoking are absolutely prohibited while on board. Thank you, and do have a nice flight!"

    Welcome aboard the MDP 3000 or also known as the Magical Definition podcast for the week of September 16th, 2007. On this week's show we have some Disney news and rumors, a trip to the past with Jim Hill as we discuss the relationship between George Lucas and the Disney Company, a Star Tours photo tip, and last but not least some updates on the Epcot Thing.

    Don't forget there are only 15 days (as of this Sunday) until "The Epcot Thing" so get those RSVPs in today! ( As always you can contact the crew at (206) 888 - MDP2 or by email at

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