MDP Show #26... 8/26/2007

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    "Welcome aboard the podcast. At this time, I'd like to ask everybody to please remain seated throughout the show, and keep your hands and arms within the vehicle at all times. Also, for the safety of the listeners and the comfort of those around you, please keep the podcast to minimal volume. Alright, now that we've taken care of business, let's say we get this show on the road. Ready when you are, Tim.....Action!"

    On this week's show we continue our discussion on the newly named Disney's Hollywood Studios as we delve deeper into its origins, enlighten you with some interesting trivia, and history. After a long absence we also bring back Tim's photo tip segment. Tim discusses how he photographed Disney's Hollywood Studios hat, and give tips on how you can get the same fantastic photo. So fasten your seatbelts, you're in for another trip to one of the most famous places that only exists in our minds...Hollywood.
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    I really enjoyed hearing more of Tim and Nathan and the return of Tim's photo tips. He just so happened to showcase one of my most favorite pictures of his in the store....the infamous Hat at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

    I also enjoyed hearing that I've been added as a "friend of the show" :D
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