Magical Express and transportation to Port Canaveral from Disney World

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    My daughter and a girlfriend have a 5 night trip to Disney World booked for September. ; They are flying out of Buffalo and using Magical Express. ; They decided to add a 4 day RCL cruise from Port Canaveral to the trip. ; When she went to book ME now that she has her flight times she booked it from the airport to Disney and had hoped to use Magical Express to return to the airport and catch the shuttle to the cruise port. ; However, Disney won't allow her to use ME to return to the airport because she isn't flying out that day? ; They are 25 and could rent a car, but neither of them iwould be comfortable driving nor good at directions. ; They'd prefer to book a shuttle of some type to get them from Disney to the port, and will also need to return to the airport to fly home but can arrange that through RCL I believe. ; Does anyone have any experience getting from Disney to the port, or recommend a shuttle service that we can contact?
    Thanks - appreciate any input.
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    Disney has a service from WDW to the port, but it is to the Disney terminal. One option, downside is you would need a backup plan, is to go down to the bell services the day before departure and tell them you need to use DME back to the airport. They should be able to call in an available bus for you. I have used DME from the resort to the airport to pick up a rental car with no problems. Other than that, Mears would be a reliable option.
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    If timing isn't an issue, I'd suggest seeing if RCL has a shuttle from the airport, then use DME to get to the Airport from WDW.
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