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    DCL allows you to take wine etc on cruise. how do you do this as it has to be in your carry on to board DCL but you have to put it in checked baggage to fly? ; Do you just not put luggage tags on until you arrive in Orlando? ;
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    Luggage is always difficult when you fly! ; And yes, DCL lets you bring your own alcohol onboard the ship. ; They do ask that you bring it on with your carry on luggage though! ; We usually buy some wine and beer at local store before boarding. ; I have known people to pack a bottle of alcohol in there checked luggage when they fly and have been greeted with a busted bottle when they get there bags (hence DCL requests). ; If you can stop some where before boarding that would be my recommendation ;D
  3. Not completely sure of your travel details but if you are flying, I recommend buying at the airport and placing it in your carry-on before getting on the Magical Express to the port.

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