Legion of Doom plus One

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    Was invited to photograph the AHL Outdoor Classic last weekend in Hershey, PA. The event featured an alumni game between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Hershey Bears. For hockey fans, this meant the return of the famed Legion of Doom who were a force for the Flyers back in the mid-1990's. John LeClaire, Mikael Renberg and Eric Lindros made up the line which accounted for over 400 goals from 1995 to 1997.

    John LeClaire

    Mikael Renberg

    Eric Lindros

    A surprise member of the Hershey Bears Alumni was Ray Bourque whose son, Chris, plays on the current Bears team.
  2. Scottwdw

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    Same players in a pre-game press conference. I had an All-Access Media pass. Lots of fun!

    Greybearded Ray Bourque

    Legion of Doom (From Left: John LeClaire, Mikael Renberg and Eric Lindros)
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    Great stuff Scott! Except for the Ray Bourque, he stole a Cup from my Devils in 2001!
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    Great stuff, Scott. All we got at the ECHL All-Star Game was Wayne Gretzky, who came back to the town where he began his pro career. (Man, I wish I had gone to that handful of games back in 1978.)
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    Really cool, would’ve loved to have attended the alumni game to watch the Legion of doom skate together once again. Those were some great times to be a Flyers fan.
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    Very cool - even though I hate the Flyers! ;)

    Actually, I always felt sorry for John LeClair. All those years he played with Lindros, and Lindros got all the attention and all the press, being the overrated whiny hack he was. Yet LeClair was pounding out 50-goal seasons, PLUS feeding 35-40 goals to Lindros - most of which involved him standing somewhere close to the net and having the well-timed pass go right off his stick. Seemed to me LeClair should have been credited for at least 80-90 of the goals that line was scoring, and Lindros should have at least 30 goals taken out of his yearly totals for being nothing more than a post or wall for LeClair to bank the puck off of.

    And no one should hate Lindros more than Philly fans...they gave up Mike Ricci, Steve Duchesne, Ron Hextall (who was then traded for Adam Deadmarsh), and Peter Forsberg, plus the draft pick that got Quebec Jocelyn Thibault, which they then traded to get Patrick Roy. We know what that team became, and what they did. Multiple times. Oops!

    As a Florida Panther fan, you are required to hate Lindros with a white-hot heat.
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    As a Candiens fan, I personally thanked John LeClaire for this play during the 1993 Stanley Cup. ;) He winked at me and said he often brings that up to his Philly linemates. :D
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