Lakota Wolf Preserve

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    So my sister and I split the cost of the $375 for a private photographers 2 hour tour as she just wanted to be up close with the wolves and did not really care for the photos. This was such an awesome experience. We were at the wolf pens for just over 2 hours. The guide with us was constantly tossing treats to keep the wolves in our area. I have over 1800 new photos to go through, grabbed this one from a 2 minute look through my images, no editing done. More to come.

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    Very nice. The closest thing I have to that is a local wildlife park, but the only clean view is from an upper balcony from about 20 yards away.

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    Beautiful animals, and nice to have such a place to go to. What's neat is that they are in a captive area, but the setting is natural and you have a guide to bring them towards the photos look beautiful and natural. And finally, photos to match your screenname. ;)
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    nice puppy

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