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  1. Sean

    Sean Administrator Staff Member

    Anyone have or know of a place where i can get a discount code for Kingdom?
  2. I don't know of any coupons, but, having rented from them before, the full price is certainly worth it. You save money over the ship 'n' rent companies. The service is personal and customer-centered. They "get it right" to the point where I don't mind paying full price at all.

    I have a 70-200 f/2.8 waiting for me in July from KCR. As soon as I placed my order (back in February), I got a phone call (the same day) from Ron, confirming my order. He then asked what body I was using because he wanted to throw in a SD card for free because I am a repeat customer--very cool.
  3. Sean

    Sean Administrator Staff Member

    Oh i know they are great... used them many times .. just wondering if there are any discount codes out that I might have not seen.

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