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Discussion in 'Digital Cameras & Equipment' started by RedOctober25, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. RedOctober25

    RedOctober25 Member

    So I’m trying something different this time around at PixelMania... solely relying on my new iPhone 8Plus and attachments. I found this neat case online that repositions the phone’s camera to the more traditional spot and has a grip and shutter button like a point-n-shoot. It has a few different lenses that are made for it but can ultimately accept any lens that has 13mm threads (though I suppose that’s few and far between). I’m hoping this is a workable medium between “camera free” and “full gear”. The little bit I’ve tested makes me think I’m really going to like it (if for the case alone).

    The lenses I’ve picked up include the following...
    1) Circular Polarizer
    2) Full Frame Fish Eye
    3) Fish Eye
    4) Wide Angle
    5) Ultra Wide Angle
    6) 3X Telephoto

    And a couple of the lenses come with Macro lenses (0.5x to 5x) for extreme closeups (was able to distinguish my fingerprint).

    The case grip has a tripod mount on it so I can use it with my handheld GoPro grips and accessories. I also have a remote shutter device I picked up a while back.


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  2. jbwolffiv

    jbwolffiv Member

    How much did all the gear set you back?
  3. RedOctober25

    RedOctober25 Member

    The lenses were around $30 each and the case was $50... so about $200 total (which I figure is about the same as a decent point-n-shoot). The only thing more I plan to do is “rubber coat” the detachable grip (its a slick plastic and not grippy right now).

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  4. gary

    gary Member

    as long as you do not descend into phone frash photograment at ak in pandora at night such as tim and i saw on thursday night
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  5. RedOctober25

    RedOctober25 Member

    Are you having a stroke? But I digress... I know better than to try to use an iPhone flash at too far a distance (or even at night in Pandora)... The good thing is that I believe the iPhone 8Plus has an f1.8 front lens on it. Add to that a bevy of photograment/camera apps and I should be set for the night. And if it fails to produce, I’ll be back in early March will my full gear.

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  6. mSummers

    mSummers Member

    I'm looking forward to seeing how that setup works out. I'd love a better wide angle lens for my iPhone.
  7. gary

    gary Member

    actually tim kind of got light photobombed pn open photo, he had just opened up on a long timed photo in pandora and someone walked up about 5 feet away and sent out a light blast
  8. RedOctober25

    RedOctober25 Member

    They make a detachable clip version of it too ($20 compared to the $50 case)... though it’s meant more for the “selfie” camera (unless you have the iPhone without the raised forward camera). I just like that it’s a threaded attachment rather than magnetic like most (so less likely to get knocked off the case).

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  9. zackiedawg

    zackiedawg Member Staff Member

    I've had that flash intrusion many times with long exposures. No one around, set up the tripod, set the exposure, trigger the shutter, sit back and wait...then up walks a person with a compact cam, aims, fires the flash, walks away. I wait for my exposure to end, then hit delete, and start over again!

    Also fun when you're riding POTC with someone using a flash, and they fire the flash just as you're taking at ISO6400 shot at F1.4. Talk about 'high key'!
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  10. gary

    gary Member

    i cannot remember the last time i rode potc without someone flashing at least one scene

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