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  1. HPS3

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  2. haunteddoc

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    Nice shots. ; Look forward to more. ; Much better than my first shots.
  3. Roger

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    What Doc said Harry. ; Very nice for your first attempt. ; The first time I took pics of Illuminations I was still in Future World and using ISO 400 film on a monopod - had no clue what I was doing.
  4. HPS3

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    Hey thanks y'all! Roger, talking about 400 film, I just bought a Minolta MC 50 f1.4 PG which came on a Minolta SRT102. I just bought some Kodak 400 and put a new battery in it. I just took a few shots but for me it's like trying to see in the dark. The camera has a light meter but I have no idea how accurate it is.
  5. gary

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    Bring along the digi for awhile, set iso at 400 and see what the histogram shows, then try to adjust the film settings to approximate
  6. HPS3

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    Hey Gary, that's what I was doing today. Good advice.

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