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    So, both times I have heard Jim Korkis while at Pixelmania, he said we are the ones "documenting" WDW (and Disneyland too) with our photographs. ; I set out in July to spend some time in the Echo Lake part of DHS to look for things I had not seen, but also to take show shots of this wonderful area as I feel this will go away if the rumors about Star Wars Land come true.

    Min and Bills as seen from Gertie's
    S.S. Down the Hatch by jbwolffiv, on Flickr

    One of those areas that I had never seen, the few times I have been to Indy, I have exited the other way I guess.
    Adventure Outpost by jbwolffiv, on Flickr

    Always a good time with the cousins, and the meatloaf is awesome!
    Meatloaf anyone? by jbwolffiv, on Flickr

    Another nook that I never bothered to notice
    Echo Lake Apts? by jbwolffiv, on Flickr

    I suppose some street name from Mos Eisley will replace this
    Keystone and Echo Park by jbwolffiv, on Flickr

    And I hope this guys gets what he wants (I want that too!)
    You don't know the power by jbwolffiv, on Flickr
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    Great stuff John!
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    Nice! ; 57 trips under my belt, and I've only seen 1 of those shots! ; Thanks for reminding me to slow down this trip!
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    Thanks guys!

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