How we are able to visit WDW so often

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  1. Hello all,

    We are often asked how we are able to visits WDW 3 to 4 times each year with our kids so we thought we would document our elevation throughout the years. We have been 14 times from Toronto, Canada in the past 9 years and completed 6 Disney Cruises in the past 6 years. We have already done 2 WDW trips and 2 Cruises this year already and at the present time we have a WDW trip booked for end of May, August, maybe October and will be there for xmas.

    This is our journey and what has worked and is working for our family however it may not be the same for all. We hope people can take elements of our journey and apply it to increase their ability to visit Disney more often.

    We hope you enjoy!
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    Thank you for sharing! I must be doing something wrong as we visit the local zoo as often as you go to WDW! I bet your family has a blast though.
  3. @Rosyrain Thanks for reading our post and for your comments. We really enjoy WDW and try to go as often as possible. It is about planning and being able to invest $$ up front and wait for the return on investment which may come in 5+ years. There must also be the commitment to going often too. Like many things, they tend to be cheaper in volume. We understand that not everyone can do this so there are still other ways to save money and get the cost down. It is all about putting forth the time and effort to research.

    Best of Luck and let me know if we can be of any help.
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    This is awesome, great money-saving tips! My family often gets asked the same thing, but they don't really want to hear the finer details, so we just say, "we save our money." haha
  5. @QueenElsa Thanks for taking the time to read the post. We are glad to hear that there are other like us. The reason what we wrote this post was we did not want to repeat ourselves over and over again when asked the question. Now, we just tell our friend to visit our site and read the post. We are finding this works much better for us.
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    Really exceptional trips do require several years of advanced planning, the financial outlay for them is considerable. However if you are smart and thrifty it can be done and you will be rewarded with a host of fantastic memories for your efforts.

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