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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Sean, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. Sean

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    So i am starting to get into "thinking" mode about going down and that has me thinking about the little boy in the summer who got snatched.

    Since then i haven't heard much. Has Disney made a real effort to control the Gator population or just add more signage?
  2. RedOctober25

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    Signage is really all they can do on top of what was already good control measures. If there's water and it's in Florida, there's a gator. But they are very elusive secretive animals that you don't see until they want you to see them. The other issue (where signage comes into play) is that people are in the "Disney Bubble" mode where they think nothing can go wrong... ever. That's why you see people melting down at the stupidest little things that happen to them (line too long, waited for a bus, etc..). So again, other than signs, what do people want Disney to do? Build a wall and poison all wildlife? Build a dome and make everything indoors? Yes, it's a tragedy what happened but accidents happen and for no apparent reason.

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  3. Chernabog1940

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    Not only have they erected new signage, but at all the beaches, they are installing fences and walls.



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