Hidden Mickey's - do you find them?

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  1. Bloomsie

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    Hey there!

    For those who don't know what Hidden Mickey's are, they are Mickey Mouse shapes that are often hidden in all Disney media -- whether that be their amusement park, hotels or even in Disney movies. Hidden Mickey's are everywhere. An example of finding one would be in Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, when Snow White was running in the forest from the hunter, she goes by a very special tree. On it was a carved-in Hidden Mickey. Disneyland/Disney World is FILLED with them. You can find them at their attractions, restaurants, hotels, and more.

    I was wondering if there are some Hidden Mickey hunters here on the forum? :)
  2. Would love to be a better hunter but find it so very hard.. Any tips on how to improve our hunting skills?
  3. Bloomsie

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    Well for nearly all the Hidden Mickey's within the Disneyland Resort, there's a lovely yellow book that you should definitely get in Maine Street. It's approximately $15, but it's definitely worth it. It categorizes itself among the different areas via Fantasy Land, Toon Town and so forth.

    The best part about the book is that it doesn't necessarily tell you where and what the Hidden Mickey truly is. They're riddles that will lead you to a place and/or ride and you have to figure it out! A decent example and one of the easiest Hidden Mickey is the following:

    "You must hear it to see it" -- Space Mountain / Tomorrow Land
    If you search hard, you'll realize that the speakers on the carts that you go on are shaped like Mickey Mouse (head and two ears).

    You've got to know the park pretty well and understand the ways of Disney to become a good Hidden Mickey hunter! :D
    With much practice, you'll be able to become a better hunter!
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  4. weemcp

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    We don't specifically hunt for them while we are in the parks, but we do keep our eyes peeled in the hotel, and I found it was always a good distraction for my 3 yr old if he was tired/cranky
  5. RedOctober25

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    Steve (Barrett) also had an iPhone app (and Android too I think) made. Makes it real easy to carry since most people carry their phone with them everywhere. But Hidden Mickeys now infiltrate everything Disney. I've been playing the online game "Disney's Hidden Worlds" (a search and seek game) and nearly every scene contains a hidden Mickey, whether it be a padlock in a Rapunzel scene or water bubbles in a Little Mermaid scene.
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  6. RedOctober25

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    So, can you find the Hidden Mickey in this photo from the Animal Kingdom Lodge?

  7. Sean

    Sean Administrator Staff Member

    Yes Yes I can.
  8. Bloomsie

    Bloomsie Member

    OHHH! Are you serious? I play that game nearly religiously. I wake up and go to bed with that game (I know... It's so sad!) but never did I think that there would be Hidden Mickey's on there! I did realize that there may be one on the random creative island that the Inkling, Olive, is making. The balloons and hearts always reminded me of Hidden Mickey's. Haha. Thanks for the inspiration for playing each scene once more again!

    And yup! Found it nearly instantly. :D
  9. trenchant

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    Drat, I completely forgot about the Hidden Mickeys!
    It looks like a ton of fun; next time I visit, I'll definitely have to try and search for them.
  10. jbwolffiv

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    We are ALWAYS looking for Hidden Mickeys, and often use the app that Steve made.

    Yup, have the same photo too!
  11. Sean

    Sean Administrator Staff Member

    Some of us here know Steve Barrett and are all aware of Hidden Mickeys.... I can never find any, i kind of suck @ it ..
  12. Bloomsie

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    @Sean Aw! I doubt you suck at it. I think if you try harder and become positive in hunting for them, you'll do fine. It also helps to start out with a group of friends. The amount of competition, excitement and motivation that you feel with friends helps turn the game into a great obsession! :D
  13. RedOctober25

    RedOctober25 Member

    Here are just a couple I found (I take a screenshot of my iPad screen for each new scene, then go back and look for the hidden mickeys)


    I've submitted a few to Steve's website, bit figure I will send one massive file of all I've found once I get caught up with the game.
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  14. Bloomsie

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    I'm seriously intrigued. I'm going to be looking for Hidden Mickey's from now on. And wow! You've definitely gotten far into the game. I'm currently on The Little Mermaid. I was playing it almost religiously until real life got into the way of things. Haha! Thanks for the wonderful information! :D For a bit, I was also losing interest since it just felt more the same, but this makes it a bit more challenging and fun!
  15. Rosyrain

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    Thanks for sharing this!! I never knew about the hidden Micky's but this looks like a wonderful game. I am going to have to play it with my kids now when we watch Disney movies. I always knew there were hidden jokes amongst the diolog in most movies, but never knew I should be looking for Mickeys as well!
  16. RedOctober25

    RedOctober25 Member

    Since you are still on the Little Mermaid, here's one from there...



    HAPPY HUNTING with the rest of the scenes (FYI, I've found a total of four so far in the Little Mermaid).
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