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  1. Stryker412

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    I took out my Canon S3 IS today to take a picture of the dog, and the lens extended but that was it. It won't move anymore and I can't do anything with the camera. I get a lens error in the display. I think it may be dust/dirt but how can I clean it? I've heard using compressed air is a big no no.

    We have our first baby due in a few weeks so I really need to have a camera.
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  3. Roger

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    I'm assuming that it isn't under any kind of warranty right now, and it's 'broken' right now....I had a similar issue with my S1, which I think is the same basic design.

    I got the lens working again for a short while before the sensor gave up (turns on, black pics). ; Anyway, if you take the camera apart, (I remember the S1 body being only screwed on in places, no glue...) you should see the USM on a corner of the lens. ; From there you will find some gears that may have dirt in them, so if you move them around, you should be able to free them and then have the lens motor kick back in.

    Now you do so at your own risk, but like I said, it's not like the camera can get any worse..... ; Some of the ideas in the link Howie posted are great ways to start before you start disassembling the camera.
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    Thanks guys, I'll take a look. I really don't have the money for a new camera right now, but we have the baby on the way soon and we definitely need one.

    Edit: Tried new batteries and compressed air with no luck. The lens is extended and it won't retract. I can hear the gears trying to move but sounds like they're locked up.
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    I would vote for having it looked at by a professional repair center. Even if you do get it to work yourself now, who knows if or when it will stop again. The last thing you want is for it to die again the day before the baby comes home for the first time.

  6. Stryker412

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    Ok well after messing with it last night for an hour we finally got the lens to go back in but it still needs to be repaired. I was looking online at other Canon S3 owners who had the same issue and they were charged ~$150-175 for the repair, which IMO is just not worth it. I've had the camera for seven years and I've definitely gotten my use of it.

    So it looks like now I'm looking for a new camera, and I'll be looking at my first DSLR. I want something that's not over complicated to a newbie. I was looking at the new Canon T3. Does anyone else have some recommendations for this price range? I also was looking at the new Sony A560 but I think that's going to be out of my price range.
  7. Roger

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    Sony A33 should be available cheaply as well, it is supposed to be replaced shortly. ; It has the same sensor as the 560.
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  9. Stryker412

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    I got my order from B&H last week, and this camera is awesome so far. I still have some things to learn, and I really want a zoom lens now but have to wait.
  10. HW

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    enjoy your new camera
  11. jbwolffiv

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    Sorry the repair was too much $$$$, but congrats on the new camera! ; Now get some sleep since you won't be getting any for the next rest of your life!
  12. Stryker412

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    I'd still like to get my old camera at least looked at and maybe repaired so I can sell it to recoup the costs of this new camera.

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