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  1. Scottwdw

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    The Hanger Bar should be open by the end of September. One entertainer said he had been given a tour and stated it will be open in two weeks from now. Not an official statement but it's pretty close. CMs were training all day last Friday. Bar looked fully stocked and the props were in motion.

  2. zackiedawg

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    I was kind of hoping it might be open by this weekend when I'm there...but looks like I may just miss it. I'm staying at Saratoga, so I should get plenty of time to check out the progress at Disney Springs.
  3. ddindy

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    The "hanger" bar? Does that mean there's always a place to hang your coat? ;) Stupid homonyms!

    According to Touringplans.com, the Hangar Bar will open on September 22. I arrive on the 26th, so look for a report.
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  4. Scottwdw

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    Someone told me it was doing a soft opening yesterday. Just missed it!

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