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  1. Here fishy, fishy, fishy... These are cell phone pix...
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  2. Foggy Sunrise at Bay Lake 20181029_071528.jpg
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  3. 20181029_072547.jpg
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  4. This is one from my subsequent fishing trip on Nov. 1st. This guy is less than an ounce short of 8 pounds! 20181104_080755.jpg
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    So it looks like Caribbean Beach was the better lake to fish...

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  6. Not exactly. The area around the dock always has the huge fish at Caribbean Beach. The guide takes you around to the other parts of the lake that don't have nearly as much action. After noodling around in the other areas you finally motor back over to the dock to where the large fish are hiding.

    I think Baylake was more consistent with the action all over from the different spots.

    At Caribbean Beach it's just not as scenic and the spots that are away from the dock don't really have a lot of fish when compared to Bay lake.

    I think it's fair to say the Caribbean Beach just has these huge fish underneath the boat dock area, where as Baylake has more action all over the lake with relatively smaller fish.

    If I had to choose again I would definitely start out first at Bay lake because it's very pretty and the action is more consistent.

    If you did a second trip then I would go to Caribbean Beach. The only spoiler at that location is the fact that the good fish are underneath the dock and the guide will take you there last.
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  7. Don't you just hate it when people run in front of your camera and photobomb you?

    10 27 18 Tim and Dennis.jpg
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