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  1. haunteddoc

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    I justed noticed a couple of things on the forums and need enlightened.

    1. On my posts I noticed a web site address in the lower right corner. When I put the address into the browser, it opens my wireless router admin page? Is there a purpose for displaying the web address?

    2. On the home page for the forums, some of the cameras are black and some are gray, is this significant for something like new posts in the forum or something like that?

    3. I also noticed board status, newbie, member etc., appears to dependent on the number of post you put up. Does anyone know all the different levels and the number of posts necessary to reach each level.

    Inquiring minds want to know!


    Dr Jim
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  2. Roger

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    1) Shows your IP address. Only you and Tim can see yours. ... _member_ip

    2) Should be unread posts by you. Greyed out is no new unread posts

    3) From Tim:

    Newbie 0-49 posts
    Jr. Member 50-99 posts
    Full Member 100-249 posts
    Sr. Member 250-499 posts
    Hero Member 500+ posts
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